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What Clients Are Saying

  • Having seen Lindsay and Brian's work they have done with others, I was excited to get my head shots done with Lindsay. She is amazing, fun, and I instantly felt comfortable with her behind the camera. She gave me a little inspirational speech before we started which helped me relax. She has a way of capturing exactly who you are! The process she has for narrowing it down to select only a few out of a few hundred, was simple! She really knows how to guide you through the entire experience and is a true professional. I highly recommend SchlickArt!

    Amanda B
  • I did a beauty and glamour themed shoot with them, including several outfit changes to represent different aspects of my life and personality. We also did a video interview portion and Brian took video as Lindsay expertly directed me through each series of poses. Lindsay's direction was so clear and easy to follow, and she and Brian looked out for one another, making sure each shot was the best it could be. They were well prepared with backgrounds, furniture options, and even wind for my hair! No detail was left to chance.

    Ashley E
  • Couldn't have chosen a better way to celebrate me than booking a shoot with the SchlickArt Team. And what a celebration it was! I LOVED the day of pampering...getting my hair and makeup done. Indulging in some divine chocolates and champagne. Relaxing to my favorite tunes

    Diane M.
  • It’s like taking a vacation in 2 hours Kelli Alexander

    Kelli A
  • Lindsay makes the experience easy and makes you feel confident!

    Kevin K
  • Top of the line professional. Excellent Results

    Natasha M
  • I can't recommend the day of pampering with SchlickArt highly enough. Lindsay created a wonderful atmosphere of fun, and not only put me at ease, but made me really excited about being a diva for a day! She and Brian did an amazing job with everything from the choice of hair and makeup artist, to the champagne and truffles!

    Pamela C
  • I felt pampered and was treated like royalty.“It was great to have everything taken care of for me! Makeup, hair, picking out outfits and jewelry, even loaning me a necklace to complete an outfit. This all made me more relaxed so I could focus on posing for pictures. The consult before the shoot really helped me to prepare, even though at the time I didn't want to make the extra time for it. I loved the teaser picture you sent out afterwards too!!

    Patrice R
  • This is the only person you should consider going to!

    Rachel G
  • SchlickArt will make you feel like a million dollars from the minute you walk in the door, that's just at the consultation. They understand that making you feel good about yourself shows up more on camera than making you look good on the outside. Of course they have fantastic artists to do that part too. Lindsay and Brian Schlick are an amazing team and they are who you want for your business photos and videos.

    Stephanie C
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